torsdag 3 november 2011


I just discovered what a small splash of truffle-oil can do with your risotto (yeah, I know I'm late)! I pride myself in making a pretty good risotto and I made one with mixed mushrooms the other weekend. Next I'll try it in the mashed potatoes.

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Spring rolls

Inspired by our visit to Restaurant Asien the day before, D decided that we should attempt to make our own spring rolls. I let him take the lead in the kitchen for once... I had a really hard time to keep my fingers off! We made a bit too many.

Fresh herbs like cilantro, thai basil (which has a lovely licorice flavor), glas nudels, carrots, shrimp and cucumber.

D and his delicate (!) handiwork.

And then you dip it in hoisin sause. Yum! Maybe not as good as the ones we had at the restaurant but a good effort.

måndag 1 augusti 2011

Mon Balzac

One place you have to visit, if you are a foodie, is Gdansk! Amazing food, huge portions at a cost that almost makes you ashamed. We found our favourite spot just next to the big touristy main street. Mon Balzac had great food, really lovely atmosphere and great staff!
We started our three course meal with some vodka!

Goldwasser is one of Gdansk's specialities (clear liqueur with gold flakes) but when ordering a shot, our waiter recommended their own local vodka instead. So we tried them both. And he was right. Their vodka was much better.
D had some carpaccio for starters and I enjoyed eggplants stuffed with meat and sun-dried tomatoes. Yum!

I have never tried Fondue of any form before so why not try it in Gdansk! I was a bit worried that the boiling bouillon wasn't enough to cook the meat and that we both would have to stay locked in our hotel room the next day with food poisoning! This was of course not the case at all!

I've got a extra stomach only for desserts, and one for beer, and one for bacon, so ordering a creme brulee with lemon sorbet wasn't a problem! All this delicious food and vodkas and a few glasses of red wine was only 147 zloty's (1 zl = 2,42 sek)!!

måndag 11 juli 2011


The last evening of our spa visit we ate at the restaurant located within the hotel premisses. Funny how things can change. D's parents was here a year ago and they were so disappointed with the food! I couldn't imagine why! Looking at the menu beforehand, you couldn't get away with that kind of menu being bad!

For starters, my most favourite thing in the world! Fois gras!! Well, not authentic fois gras. That I'm so not okay with! So duck liver paté on a piece of roasted brioche and fig sauce.

A lovely piece of lam roast beef with some potato au gratin, guzzled down with my favourite Valpoicella wine!

And of course I had room for dessert! Always! Banana - fudge - whipped cream! Need I say more? A perfect 9! Things must have changed a lot.

tisdag 21 juni 2011

"Oz Emellan"

Today, my colleges and I had a day out of the office and we all went to a restaurant for some dinner. We were a party of 20 so to make things a bit easier, we had a look at the menu on their website and called in the order. When calling, they said that the menu had changed and that we had to order on site. I ordered Pasta Vongole that according to the menu should be fresh.

I never seen fresh, handmade pasta look like Penne. Not even in Italy. Others ordered a piece of cod fish with new potatoes. Apparently the fish was dry and the potatoes undercooked. When we tried to order wine, more than half of the wines had run out (expecting delivery, they said). My pasta wasn't very good, a 4 out of 10. We thought by ordering dessert they could make up for the bad main course. Sad to say, the portions varied so much in size and when we pointed that out the waitress got really snippy. So to sum things up... Oz Emellan in Helsingborg. Bad food, bad service. Avoid it!

söndag 19 juni 2011

Pain? Bien sûr!

I do appreciate a good piece of bread but this craze with sour dough bread has made me so negative towards the whole thing. But now I have come to my senses. So I just made two different batches. Let's hope they act the way it supposed to.

Apple is the base with both, one is wheat and the other one rye. I named them Steve and Charles. If you figure out why, there's a price...

onsdag 15 juni 2011

Diet food is not that boring!

If you read my other blog, you might have figured out that I'm on a diet. I was fearing constant lettuce, carrot and egg white every meal but no. That is not the case. I know what I'm allowed to eat or not to eat so yesterday I made a fish soup!

This one has white fish, shrimps, carrots, fennel, tomatoes and saffron! Yum!